The Book of Revelation – Zeussed!

The mysterious Book of Revelation decoded and explained like never before. Meet our hero John who survives being boiled in oil by a wicked Emperor. Marvel at the visions he has while exiled on the Island of Patmos. Encounter weird creatures with very strange features and a veritable feast of uncommonly strange beasts. Using seventeen The Book of Revelation – Zeussed!

I’m Kamp

AN UPDATED VERSION OF ADOLF HITLER’S TREATISE WITH THE LGBT SLANG WORDS PUT BACK IN BEST READ IN A LOUD GERMAN ACCENT IMAGINING A HITLER WHO HAS FINALLY LOST HIS BATTLE WITH TOURETTE’S. “a display of just how far we have fallen as a society!” “the sheer arrogance of the clearly insane writer” Joe Blake I’m Kamp

The Good Book

An edited version of the King James Bible with all the injustice, intolerance, cruelty, violence, absurdity, misogyny, bad science, inaccurate history, ambiguity, contradictions, lewdness, poor grammar, homophobia and false prophecy taken out.

The Female Bible

INTRODUCTION: Upon embarking on this exercise, I thought it would not surprise me to find sexism in the bible. What surprised me was the pervasiveness of it. If you want a reason for the modern malaise of inequality, look no further than this supposed cornerstone of our morality. The book that contains perhaps the wisest The Female Bible