Revelation Tarot

Bob Prophette’s Revelation Tarot.

From Durer’s Apocalypse Woodcuts. An exploration of the Pagan imagery and concepts within the last and most enigmatic books of the Christian Bible.

A selection from the 72 Cards contained within the deck.


Revelation Tarot is the Tarot of the Apocalypse. It uses images from the Book of Revelation to explore the meaning of your life. The Book of Revelation is a strange book. It is a story handed down from the very first civilisations, down through Sumer, Akkadia, and Babylon. Written over by Jews and then by Christains until the original Pagan meaning is almost entirely lost.

The Book of Revelation contains a mysterious book with seven seals, seven trumpets, seven bowls of plague and woe and a seven headed beast. Although each set of seven is about death it is also about the new beggining that death brings. It is based on a mystery idea. The idea that we all contain a spark of creation, a divine gift. The spark animates us in everything we do. But a spark can be a dangerous thing. It can easily get out of control. Revelation teaches us about how to use this gift. This means experiencing the ‘little deaths’ of our passions until we learn to rule them and not be ruled by them.

The first four cards of the Revelation card layout (bottom row) are the little deaths of the body. The final three cards (top row), are the spiritual death of the body, soul and spirit. The first four relate to specific forces in our lives and are interpreted seperately.

  • Power and Place – we are born into a place within a pre-existing hierarchy, this card explores how we respond to this and the forces it exerts on us and that we exert through it on others.
  • Anger and Violence – these forces exist in the world and are experienced and dealt with by everyone. This card explores how we deal with these forces within our lives.
  • Need and Greed – forces that motivate us to go out and obtain things we want and need. This card deals with how we manage these passions.
  • Sex and Death – inseperable forces that bring us together and tear us apart. This card is about birth, life, relationships, seperation and death and how we deal with these events.

The final three are read together for a broader meaning. The soul connects us to one another through the body. The spirit animates the soul. It is the gift of the cosmos, everlasting and divine. It must be retured in the end after it has done its work on the soul and through the body. The last three cards therefore tell of the current state and fate of your body, soul and spirit and their place in the everlasting.

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